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TheBridge Update - September 2023

TheBridge has been one of the main games on SkyBlade since 2020. Whether you’ve wanted a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3, SkyBlade has had you covered. However, we’ve had one small problem… want to play with 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or even 12 players? Nope, not possible. That is… until today.

Merging Duos and Mega

Well, it was either that or have Solo, Duos, Mega, Gigantic, Humongous and Monumental.

Having one server dedicated to teams makes perfect sense, to limit confusion and simplify what you want to play. The server can automatically adapt depending on the number of players that have joined, meaning it’s still possible to have a 2v2 (Duos) and a 3v3 (Mega), but you can now have a 4v4, 5v5 and even a 6v6 - and everything in between! Even better, we've also merged all Duos and Mega maps together - so you can now play with more people on your favourite Duos maps.

There’s also no need to worry about having an exact number of players to start a game. As long as at least 4 players join TheBridge: Teams, the game will begin. So if a 5th player joins, it’ll just become a 2v3 (which is still 2 teams) - and is no different than if it was to be a 3v3 originally but one player left.

Faster Gameplay

Unlike TheBridge: Solo, we’re changing things up with the Teams version. We’re basing it off our previously successful TheBridge: Insane mode, where players spawn into the map and constantly battle, score and defend until one team reaches the required number of goals to win.

When allowing even more players per game, it makes no sense to hold them all back when someone scores. This means, that when playing Teams, you have to change tactics and decide in real-time how you and your team should approach every situation and always keep watch of the score.

SkyBlade+ members can vote for 10, 20 or 30 goals a team needs to score in order to win the game.

The Return of an OG Map

In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve updated (most of) our games to 1.19! One of our old Bedrock maps for TheBridge: MEGA, unfortunately, couldn’t be on our 1.12.2 server as it contained some blocks that 1.12.2 didn’t have (sad) - but 1.19 does (happy)! TheBridge: Teams will feature this OG map, which will guarantee to bring back nostalgia to OG players.

New Game Unlocks

We’re bringing 10 new Game Unlocks to SkyBlade - all for TheBridge!

These Unlocks are void messages and will display when you fall into the void (by yourself) or when you knock someone else into it. As usual, you can obtain these legendary Game Unlocks directly from Crates. These void messages will be displayed in both TheBridge: Solo and TheBridge: Teams.

TheBridge: Tournament

We're not quite in October just yet, but it's worth mentioning that to celebrate the release of this update, and its new Game Unlocks, October's Monthly Tournament will be... you guessed it, TheBridge! This means there'll be an EXCLUSIVE (and new) Game Unlock up for grabs!

The tournament will run from October 1st until October 31st!

TheBridge: Solo - Is That Gone Now?

Nope! TheBridge: Solo continues to be one of our hit modes and won’t inherit the changes made to the Teams mode. No changes to the number of goals needed, no holding back after each goal is scored - just good, old-fashioned TheBridge!


We strongly feel that merging Duos and Mega was the right decision to make playing TheBridge on SkyBlade more inclusive, fast-paced and fun - and we hope you agree!

Now, jump online and get scorin’! 🚀


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