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Player Safety

At SkyBlade, our mission is to build a server that is safe, friendly and welcoming for all. We strive to ensure all players are protected from unwanted, harmful or even dangerous messages and links. Being a community server, we want to ensure that there's always a community environment, free from toxicity and hate, and we do everything in our power to keep it safe for all.

In order to keep things under control, and ensure that the rules are followed at all times, we have an incredible team of Moderators and Helpers that monitor chats and channels, helping us keep unwanted messages out. Alongside this, we have our own custom-built chat filters installed across our servers to prevent rule breakers in an instant.

Reporting Rule Breakers

Our Minecraft Servers
No filter is 100% accurate, and some things may slip through the gaps. If there isn't a member of the SkyBlade Team online, you can use our in-game reporting system or open a report ticket on our Discord server, spotlighting some key information about the offence that took place. In order for us to take action, we require clear evidence of the offence that took place. 

Those that are on Bedrock can report players directly to Xbox by clicking on their profile from the pause menu and pressing the "report" button. You can also block or mute a user from the player's profile, should you not wish to view messages from them.

Our Discord Server
Just like our Minecraft server, we have Moderators and Helpers on our Discord server that can take action if someone is found breaking the rules. If a user on Discord, a member of our community or not, is sending you unwanted direct messages or unwanted messages on other Discord servers, you have the option to block them so that you're unable to see their messages. Alongside this, you also have the option to report any concerns directly to Discord's Trust and Safety team here.

Player Health and Well-being

Your health and well-being are important and should be your priority. We advise that you take frequent breaks from your device(s) and limit screen time where possible.

Sometimes things can be difficult and it can be hard to come to terms with it. You should always talk to someone whom you trust to help support you through difficult times. When you're looking to reach out, you should think about finding someone that makes you feel supported, comfortable and, most importantly, safe.

If you feel like you or someone you know is in danger, contact your local authorities immediately.

While we take player safety seriously, SkyBlade is not an alternative to the authorities. We urge that you contact your local authorities promptly if you believe a crime has been committed so that it can be dealt with appropriately.

Protecting Yourself Online

Strong Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication
In order to protect your accounts and keep them secure, you should always use a strong password. You should also use a different password for each account that you use so that your other accounts cannot be accessed if your password is ever discovered. In addition to a strong password, you should also enable two-factor authentication on websites and services that support it. Both a strong password and two-factor authentication will heavily secure your account against unauthorised access.

Under no circumstance should you share your password. SkyBlade, including all its staff, will never ask for your password.

Never Leave Your Device and Account Unattended

You should always lock, sign out and disconnect from any sites and services when you're not using them. Should you leave your device and accounts unlocked and unattended, you could face unauthorised access and usage of your device and accounts. As per our rules, any actions taken on your account while connected to SkyBlade are your responsibility.

Never Share Personal Information
Regardless of the person you're talking to, the server you're on or the privacy of the channel, you should never share your personal details, such as your full name, age, home address, phone number or email address with anyone. When in the wrong hands, your revealed information could put you in danger or cause you to become a victim of scams.

SkyBlade, including all its staff, would never ask you for your personal information. We would only require you to provide some extremely basic information when applying to join our team to ensure that you meet our requirements.

Phishing and Scams
Never respond or interact with messages that claim to be offering free ranks, free Nitro, or free Minecoins - you could fall victim to a scam. Never share/enter your login details or download any files from websites claiming to be offering free content. Any SkyBlade giveaways are always approved by a member of our Management team and will be made public by them.

Questionable Links and Downloadables
You should always be wary of links and downloadable files sent to you by other users. You can never be 100% certain that every link and downloadable file will be exactly what you're expecting. You should only interact with links and downloadable files from people and sources you trust.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding how we tackle Player Safety, contact us on Discord or drop us an email at

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