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Advertise on SkyBlade

What is "Advertise on SkyBlade"?

Advertise with SkyBlade allows you to place approved promotional (or non-promotional) messages across all of SkyBlade's game servers. We've created this platform to allow our players to boost their own audiences and attract more attention to the things they're passionate about. Messages will display once per hour across the SkyBlade Network for the duration set and will be broadcast in chat for all online players. Alongside this being a way to promote your content, it's a new way we can monetise SkyBlade, keeping us running and allowing us to create new things for our incredible community.

Why should you advertise on SkyBlade?

Since March 2020, SkyBlade has continued to grow its community, reaching over 25,000 total unique players. We have new players joining SkyBlade each and every day, both during the day and during the night. We're passionate about creating a friendly and welcoming community experience for everyone. Advertising with SkyBlade would allow you to spotlight your platform and reach our friendly and welcoming community to help build your audience and get more attention.

How does advertising on SkyBlade work?

We've created a dedicated section on our Tebex webstore where you can purchase a dedicated promotional message slot for a set number of days. After purchase, you'll receive a downloadable document containing instructions on how to send us your message. Once approved, your ad will be pushed out to our servers and scheduled to be broadcast for each hour during your set days. Should there already be someone advertising with SkyBlade, your ad will be queued and displayed after the previous advertiser's set days are over.

Are there any restrictions to advertising on SkyBlade?

There are. We must ensure all promotional messages are appropriate for all ages and don't contain any content that could be deemed as spam, scams, misleading or discriminating. Should we disprove the content in your promotional message, you will be refunded and unable to reach our players using this platform. If you're unsure if your planned promotional message is appropriate for our platform, please contact us on X (formally Twitter), our Discord server, or via email at

What will broadcasted messages look like in-game?

The message will be identical to players on both Java and Bedrock. Here are some examples of what they can look like:


Should you have any questions regarding advertising on SkyBlade, contact us on Discord or drop us an email at

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