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Building a one-of-a-kind community server, packed with an ever-growing library of mini-games for everyone.


In March 2020, SkyBlade opened as a Bedrock server that hosted only a small collection of mini-games.

Four years on, we've seen over 25,000 players, released over 25 games, hosted highly-anticipated events, built a well-established network infrastructure, and combined the Bedrock and Java communities together!

Our mission has always been to create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all. We take pride in everything we do and ensure our work is consistent, professional and of a high standard. Quality is SkyBlade's key.


SkyBlade in a Nutshell

High Quality

Our games are built to be consistent, familiar and polished. We won't release a half-complete project. Planning, time and dedicated resources shape our work.

Our Library

From PvP to non-PvP, we have games and modes that fit everyone's taste. We're almost certain there's something in our Game Selector that you'll like!


We want to ensure all our players feel safe and welcomed when on SkyBlade. We've defined a set of rules that we expect all our players to abide by, and we take action against those that choose not to follow them. We've built systems that work around the clock to tackle the most common offences, reducing the time it takes for a player to be punished and ensuring our server is as clean as possible.

Our Frontline Team

Our Games