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If you're looking for our brand resources, you've come to the right place! You're welcome to use our branding on your thumbnails, blog posts, banners or anywhere else fit to be relevant - just please follow our guidelines below.


You are not permitted to alter the colours, distort or pixelate our branding, use our branding commercially or use it to create content looking like it's coming from us. It must be clear that your content is not created, sponsored or officially endorsed by us unless we've specifically given you permission to do so.


The abbreviated SkyBlade logo, featuring our iconic green and blue.

The full SkyBlade logo, featuring our iconic green and blue.


SkyBlade Green

Hex: #4FFF7B

R: 79

G: 255

B: 123

SkyBlade Blue

Hex: #22B1D8

R: 34

G: 177

B: 216

Have questions or need specific brand resources?

Open a ticket on Discord or drop us an email

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