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SkyBlock Upgrade - February 2024

We're very excited to announce a HUGE upgrade to our SkyBlock gamemode. Written on our new 1.19 infrastructure, it's packed with new content in every direction - so there's plenty to explore!

Let's dive into what's new, shall we? 👀

SkyBlock Hub

We've given SkyBlock its very own Hub (you probably saw that coming)!

It contains lots of stuff - but don't worry, we'll cover all those in this post, so keep reading!

Hub Tasks (Games)

In our SkyBlock Hub, you'll meet Farmer Frank, Rancher Rose, Miner Mack and Jumbled Joe.

Each NPC has a daily task for you to complete for some bonus Shards.

Spin to Win

Give our new wheel a spin and see how lucky you are.

You're always guaranteed to win a set of Shards - and you could win up to 100 of them!

Everyone gets a daily spin, though SkyBlade+ members get to have a second daily spin.

Agoo Joins the SkyBlock Hub

Agoo fans assemble! He's in the SkyBlock Hub to give you three random Daily Challenges.

Completing them will grant bonus Shards for you to spend on whatever you please.

New Leaderboards

We've gone leaderboard-crazy with this SkyBlock upgrade.

Previously, there was only a "Top Shard Collectors" leaderboard, but now there's basically one for every essential task. From fishing to egg-throwing, which leaderboard will you dominate?

There are no current plans to reset these leaderboards.

Existing SkyBlock Islands

We know players love SkyBlock - most are just waiting for an update to get them back into playing it.

We also know many people have already created an Island with us, and have made quite significant progress. It was our priority to ensure that no one lost any progress during this upgrade. Everything should be exactly where you left it, from your Island, Inventory, Shards and even Ender Chest.

We may refer to pre-upgrade Islands (Islands created before this upgrade) as "legacy Islands", but there's actually no real difference other than the starting template and the biome the Island is set in.

New SkyBlock Islands

Some players may also see this upgrade as an opportunity for a fresh start - and that's okay, too!

Unlike before, you now have a choice as to which Island Template you would like to use:

  • Plains - standard Island, based in a Plains biome

  • Desert - standard Island, based in a Desert biome

  • Taiga - standard Island, based in a Taiga biome

  • SkyGrid - a SkyBlock challenge, featuring no shop, generators or quests

  • OneBlock - a SkyBlock challenge, featuring no shop, generators or quests


This is a SkyBlock template that doesn't give you the ability to buy or sell items, access a Block Generator or allow you to complete Island Quests - a real challenge, some may say!

Each SkyGrid is 100% randomly generated, meaning your SkyGrid map will look completely different to the next generated one. SkyGrid contains all the same blocks and items that you would get from the Shop, but they're just all scattered around the map for you to collect. You may even be lucky to come across some chests that contain even more blocks and items.


Yes - you can now play OneBlock on SkyBlade! Just like SkyGrid, you also can't buy or sell items, access a (standard) Block Generator or complete Island Quests. It's the ultimate challenge!

You start with, of course, one single block and your mission is to build up your Island just from that single block. Every time you mine that block, you'll be given another random block, ore or even chest that will help you to expand your Island and create a well-established map.

The regenerating ("OneBlock") block is always located at the centre of the map (0, 63, 0) and you will always be able to see it from the continuously-spawning particles above it.

Introducing: Team Islands

Every SkyBlade+ member now has the option to create an extra Island for a Team of players.

Anyone you /add to this Team Island will have full permissions (even to change its settings) and can join the Island while you're sleeping, eating or taking your hamster for a walk (offline, basically).

A Team Island is a great way to start an Island with friends and not have to worry about being online for them to join. Even better, you can use the SkyGrid and OneBlock templates, too!

Stackable Mobs

Stackable mobs are a thing of the past! From today, you can have up to 10 of each mob on an Island, allowing you to save Shards by breeding them instead of getting more eggs. Farm time!

"WAIT! I have a Chicken with '100x Chicken' as its name - is it going to die?"

Nope. All currently stacked mobs still work, but you won't be able to add any more to its stack.

Buying Blocks and Items

We've added more blocks and items that you can purchase from the Menu NPC on your Island.

Before, you could save 6.25% by purchasing a stack of blocks in bulk. We're pleased to say that you're now able to purchase (almost) everything from the Shop in bulk, at the same 6.25% discount!

Selling Blocks and Items

You can now sell even more blocks and items than you did before.

From wood to wool, you can finally sell off those excess resources for some extra Shards.

Selling is now even faster! Sell all your sellable resources in your inventory with just one click!

Ender Chests

Howdy, SkyBlade+ members! You just gained a new perk!

All SkyBlade+ members now have double the Ender Chest space.

Remember, as mentioned above, your Ender Chest won't be accessible from other Islands.

Player Settings

As well as Island Settings, we're giving players their own set of Settings. From disabling messages to setting your join Island, there are many new options to further customise your experience.

Player Shop

You can now officially buy and sell blocks and items to other players.

When holding the item(s) you want to sell, run /sellhand <amount> to put the item(s) straight into the Player Shop, at the exact price you've specified. If you change your mind, you can always remove the item(s) by going into the Player Shop, selecting your item, and confirming its removal.

To view and purchase the available blocks and items within the Player Shop, run /playershop on any Island. The Player Shop will tell you the item, the price, the seller, the item's durability (if applicable) and the item's enchantments (if applicable). From there, you can confirm your purchase.

Once you've made the purchase, the price of the item(s) will be immediately deducted from your account and the item(s) purchased will immediately get placed into your inventory.

Everyone can sell one item in the Player Shop at any given time; however, SkyBlade+ members can sell up to three items at any given time in the Player Shop. Now that's handy!

Sending and Receiving Shards

You can now send Shards from your balance to any online player by using the /pay command.

You can send up to 500 (1000 for SkyBlade+ members) Shards per transaction. Useful in giving someone a welcome gift, or compensating a player for helping you with an Island project.

As well as being able to send up to 1000 Shards per transaction, SkyBlade+ members only have a 1-minute cooldown per transaction (5 minutes if you're not a SkyBlade+ member).

Shards on the SkyBlade Webstore

Fancy a Shard top-up? Not a problem!

You can now purchase 1000, 3000 or 5000 Shards. Useful for an upcoming project, or perhaps you don't like to have a low balance just in case you suddenly need loads of Shards.

You can find our webstore here.

Changes to Inventories, Ender Chests, Tablist and Chat

Everything listed above is now s e p a r a t e d from each other. This means that when you generate a new Island, it really is a fresh start. Also, your Personal Island's inventory won't be accessible from your friend's Island, for example - so what you do on an Island, stays on an Island.

Shards are not affected by this and will continue to be the same wherever you are.

More New Stuff

Here's a list of more new stuff that's self-explanatory and doesn't need extra text with it:

  • Added a /coordinates command

  • You can now trust and untrust offline players

  • You can now purchase the ability to fly

  • Added extra tips across SkyBlock in chat and menus

  • New and improved /home (for when you have 2 Islands)

  • You can view a list of players that are trusted/added on your island

  • Crops now grow faster on Islands, making farming quicker

  • You can now bonemeal baby animals (should be in the game anyway)


Thank you for all your feedback and ideas for SkyBlock - they've helped tons!

We really hope you like our SkyBlock experience and everything that's packed with it.

Now, jump online and get playin'! ☁️


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