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The Ultimate SkyBlade Experience

Why Upgrade?

You can take your SkyBlade experience to a whole new level with our lifetime rank.

Not only will you be labelled as super-cool, but you'll have access to so much extra stuff!

Triple XP

Get triple the experience in all of our games, every single round.

Create Custom Kits

Create your own public kits for you and others to use in Duels.

Rainbow Drop Unlock

Spread the rainbow with a special Drop unlock.

Fly in Main Hub

Explore the sky in the Main Hub with the ability to fly*.

SkyBlade GG

"GG" will be put in SkyBlade's colours when said in games.

Bigger Worlds

Get more space to build in SkyBlock, Creative and Parkour.

More Chunk Claims

Claim even more land in our Community SMP for your builds.

Firework Win Effect

Set a coloured firework to explode when you win.

Pickup Players

Punch players in the Main Hub to them carry around with you.**

Unlock all Gadgets

Instantly own every Hub Gadget, including all future ones.

More Commands

Customise your Parkour courses with /time, /fill and /createtext

Customise Games

From choosing the Chest Type to the Number of Goals needed.

Welcome Message

Those in the Hub will see you've joined from a special message.

Send More Gifts

Christmas, but all year round!

Send 3 gifts at once to players.

More Friend Slots

Build a bigger friends list to have more people to send gifts to.

Wait, there's more! You can see the full list of perks on Tebex.
* Flying is disabled during Item Hunts to prevent cheating.
** Players have the option to opt-out of being picked up.
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