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Duels Update - November 2023

Duels was first introduced to SkyBlade in the Summer of 2021. While it did the job, it was severely lacking a lot of features and possibilities. As a result, we’ve shoved that version of Duels in a giant shredder and rebuilt the whole game from scratch. This time, making it a gamemode.

Here we go, THIS is our new Duels experience…

One Central Duels Hub

Because our new Duels experience has a lot going on, it was better to feature everything into its own dedicated Hub, rather than squeezing everything into menus. With perfectly-labelled NPCs and floating texts, you should be able to easily find what you’re after.

Trey Joins the Duels Hub

This Hub just wouldn’t be the same without Trey. As well as his appearance, he brings a great new quest for you. Trey owns 10 wannabe Puffles (yes, like the ones from Club Penguin) and has been playing Hide and Seek with them in the new Hub. Long story short, he can’t find them and needs some help. If you find all 10, he’ll reward you with something special for you to keep forever.

Agoo also Joins the Duels Hub

*sighs* Yes, Agoo has also (somehow) made his way into the new Duels Hub. Just like the main Hub, he’ll be bringing you 3 new Daily Challenges for you to complete for some bonus XP. As usual, head over to him to view your challenges, complete them and go back to him to get your rewards.

The New Duels

As well as 1v1s, we now offer 2v2s and 3v3s! This is a HUGE step up from our previous version.

All arenas are together on signs in the Duels Hub, showing their real-time player count and status.

Alongside this, we’re also introducing the Duel Creation Flow, which is a fancy way of saying you can now customise your Duel before you play. Previously, Maps and Kits were assigned at random, meaning you had no control over how or where the Duel was played. Today, that all changes.

There are 3 stages to the Duel Creation Flow: Kits, Combat and Map.

This update brings some new perks for SkyBlade+ members:

- The option to vote for a Custom Kit, though all players will get the same Kit when the Duel starts

- The option to vote for a specific Map, non-SkyBlade+ members can only vote for a "Random Map"

- All your votes are prioritised, so you ultimately get the final say in the creation of the Duel

The Duel Creation Flow is built into all modes, so you can customise any 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3!

Duel Rematches

Rematches are nothing new on SkyBlade, but we’ve added the ability to vote for a new Kit with each rematch, so you can try out new play styles or cycle through all the Kits to your own content.


Time Played, Games Played and Wins were the ONLY statistics recorded in the previous version of Duels. This version captures everything and really allows you to get competitive.

SkyBlade Duels now records:

  • Time Played

  • Games Played

  • Total Wins

  • Winstreak

  • Best Winstreak

  • Total Kills

  • Total Deaths

  • Blocks Placed

  • Snowballs Fired

  • Snowballs Hit

  • Arrows Fired

  • Arrows Hit

  • Ender Pearls Used

  • End Crystals Hit

  • Potions Thrown

  • Potions Drunk

  • Totems Used

  • Gapples Eaten

  • Food Eaten

  • Buckets Emptied

  • Buckets Filled

Yes, I am serious, there really are that many.

They're also separated from each mode, so you can see your stats from 1v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s.

Statistics update in real-time and can be accessed from the Hub or by running /stats in any Duel.


We now have a leaderboard for EVERY single statistic listed above!

Curious to know who’s eaten the most food? You’re just a few clicks away from finding out!

Custom Kits

As well as some Standard Kits that everyone can select, we’re also bringing Custom Kits to SkyBlade with a custom-built Kit Creator that makes it super easy to make any type of Kit you like.

SkyBlade+ members can vote for a Custom Kit and can create their own!

If a Custom Kit wins the vote, everyone (including non-SkyBlade+ members) will get the Kit.

Custom Kits are only accessible in 1v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s.

New Maps

This Duels update brings not 1, not 2, but 8 new maps!

From a farm to an erupting volcano, we have many new maps for you to play on. As mentioned, SkyBlade+ members get the added bonus of voting specifically for the map they’d like to play on.


It’s here - KitPVP has officially landed on SkyBlade!

At the back of the Duels Hub, you’ll find a portal that’ll take you straight to the Battleground. After joining, grab a Kit and jump into the action. It’s a free-for-all, so no teaming is allowed.

Every time you get killed in the Battleground, you’ll respawn and have the option to select a new Kit.


We’re continuously working to improve SkyBlade, so please share any bugs, suggestions or feedback with us to build a better server for everyone.

Now, jump online and get duelin'! 🤺


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