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Item Quest Release

Today, we're bringing a new game to our already-extensive mini-game library.

Originally released as an experiment in 2022, Item Quest is back and better than ever!

How To Play

You could probably guess by the name, but Item Quest is all about being on a quest for items. Each round will give you 10 random collectable items, with every item awarding a certain number of points. You can either win the game by collecting all 10 items or by collecting the most points in 15 minutes.

Be careful, though, as you only get 3 lives. If you lose all 3 lives, you'll be eliminated.

If you happen to lose a life, you'll respawn at your join location and you'll keep your items.

Starter Gear

When the game starts, you'll be given full Leather Armour, a set of Stone Tools and a Quest Guide. The Leather Armour helps to expand the duration of each life (though you can craft better armour if you wish), the Stone Tools give you a head start and prevents you from wasting time making them yourself and the Quest Guide tells you the exact items that you need to craft, smelt and/or find.

Crafting and Recipes

There are tons of crafting recipes - but you probably don't remember them all. Don't worry, we've unlocked all the recipes in the Recipe Book so a recipe is just a quick search (or scroll) away.

Tired of making crafting tables? Don't worry, we've got that covered as well.

You can run /craft (or /c for short) to bring up a virtual crafting table wherever you are.

Smelting and Mining

Waiting for things to smelt can be very time-consuming. That's why we've sped up the time it takes for items to smelt in the furnace. You'll have that vegan steak cooked in no time!

Even better, you no longer need to smelt any ores.

All ores will drop their refined resource, saving you even more time on your quest.

Tree Chopping

Pfft, that's so 2023. In Item Quest, breaking just one log of a tree will cause the whole trunk to fall.

Stuck Underground?

Don't panic! If you happen to be stuck in a cave or can't find your staircase back up, you can use the /surface command that'll teleport you to the safest block on the... well, surface!

Optimisations and Map Generation

Two major problems with our initial experiment of Item Quest were maps generating with large amounts of ocean compared to land and chunks taking ages to generate and load for both players and the server. Both of these critical issues have been resolved with this release and massively improve the playability and enjoyment of the game, no matter the platform you're on.


We hope you enjoy this new addition to our games library.

Now, jump online and find those items! 🔍


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