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How can I connect to SkyBlade?

You can connect using the IP Bedrock players: keep the port (19132).


What Minecraft version do I need to use?

Java players can use any version from 1.19.

Bedrock players must use one of the latest versions.


Why is there a . at the start of player names (or my own)?

If a player has a . at the beginning of their name, it means that they’re a Bedrock player. We’ve not done this to intentionally point Bedrock players out, but rather to resolve any possible name clashes between Java and Bedrock players.

It's not letting me claim my vote reward - what did I do wrong?
The name you enter into the nickname box should be exactly as it's shown in-game.
Bedrock players need to include the
. at the start of their name.


Are you using 1.9+ combat mechanics?

Most 1.9 combat mechanics are used, though we have removed certain cooldowns.


If I stop playing, will any of my SkyBlade data/worlds be deleted?

Most of your data will remain untouched unless you request for it to be removed. However, we may relocate your worlds/island to a backup server if you stop playing after a while. We’d be happy to move it back to the main server if you decide to return.


Why are there only a few game lobbies available?

Attempting to join a game, only to be sent into an already running one? - this is intentional… for now.

Being a smaller server, there's not a need for us to host hundreds of extra lobbies per game. Instead, patiently wait for the current game to end before having your turn. We may open more lobbies per game as SkyBlade grows.


What are Game IDs?

A Game ID is assigned to every round of every game you play. Game IDs help us to track pretty much everything we need to know about a game, such as how long it lasted, who won, who killed who, etc. We highly encourage that you take a note (or screenshot) of the Game ID of a game when you’re wanting to report a player. We can use the Game ID to verify any additional information we may need to set a ban or mute.


I’ve been banned/muted on SkyBlade, what do I do?

To appeal your ban/mute, please open an appeals ticket on our Discord server, or drop us an email via


How can I make a suggestion?

You can post suggestions on our Discord server Alternatively, you can submit your suggestions here.


I’m trying to place blocks in Creative, Build Battle and Guess The Build but they keep changing to stone?

SkyBlade's running on 1.19, so it cannot see or recognise blocks from 1.20.


Can I connect with a cracked/non-premium client?

No. You must have a paid version of Minecraft to play.


I have a YouTube/Twitch/TikTok channel, can I get a rank?

You can learn more about our Partner rank and requirements here.


Some features are locked to a rank, can I get it?

Yes! You can find our store here.

Have more questions? Not a problem!

Open a ticket on Discord or drop us an email at

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