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At SkyBlade, we want to create a safe, friendly and welcoming place for everyone, where players can make new friends, be respected for who they are, and, most importantly, have fun! In order to do this, we have a set of rules that we require our entire community to follow, whether they're a new player or not.

Treat everyone (including staff) with respect

Under no circumstance should you send hate, be rude, abuse, harass or discriminate against other members of the community.

No offensive content

Even if you're not targeting or mentioning a specific player, you're not allowed to send or create offensive content on SkyBlade.


No trolling or misleading others

People join SkyBlade to have fun and to occupy their free time, not to be trolled and misled. Play fairly and don't trick others.

No swearing/abbreviations of

SkyBlade is a server for all ages, and so the content on it should be appropriate for all ages too! Regardless of whether it's obvious profanity or abbreviations that contain profanity, content like that is not appropriate for SkyBlade.

No inappropriate or unfair skins

We allow you to wear any skin, as long as it's fair and appropriate. Skins should not contain nudity or offensive content.

No cheating

We want to make SkyBlade and fun and fair place for everyone. You are not permitted to create an unfair environment or cheat.

Cheating includes giving a Guess the Build answer to others in chat or using another platform to receive the answer.

No spamming

Repeatedly sending the same message (or similar) over and over is not allowed. It fills up the chat with unwanted messages and is annoying for all players.

No griefing

If you're trusted in a world/island, you must respect the permissions that the player has given you and not abuse them.

No inappropriate builds

Anything you build on SkyBlade, whether that's in a game or on a player world, must be appropriate for all ages.

Do not use hacks or mods

You are not permitted to use any hack clients or modifications that give you an advantage in games. If you're unsure as to whether a client or mod is allowed on SkyBlade, open a ticket on our Discord server and we'll review it.


Do not use unfair clicking methods

We have players that use all sorts of devices. As a result, we want to make the experience as fair as possible and require all players to use normal methods that don't allow you to surpass 12 CPS.

Do not try to bypass any filters

Our servers have chat filters to ensure our chats are as clean as possible. Attempting to bypass them will result in a mute.

Do not cross-team in solo games

Teaming up with others in solo games creates an unfair environment - do not do it.

Do not abuse glitches

If you happen to come across a glitch on our server, report it rather than using it to your advantage.

Do not farm rewards or statistics

You are not permitted to repeatedly target, spawn kill or purposefully attempt to boost your statistics in a way that is unfair.

You're also not allowed to use an alt to boost your statistics, gain rewards or increase your position on the leaderboards.

Do not advertise content outside of SkyBlade

Our servers are not a place to find new people for your own server or services. You are prohibited from attempting to promote and direct players away from our server.

Do not ask for personal details

You should never ask players for their location, their real name, their handles for social media or their phone number/email address. You are not allowed to give out this information on SkyBlade and you will be punished for doing so.


Do not impersonate staff

All staff will have a rank in-game and on our Discord server to prove their staff status. You are in no way permitted to pretend that you're a member of the SkyBlade team.

Stealing SkyBlade's content (without permission)

We spend a lot of time and money hiring builders and paying for map licences in order to provide the best possible experience for our community. Taking that content without our permission is wrong and you'll be punished to prevent you from continuing.

Deliberately creating a disruption to SkyBlade's services

You are not permitted to "create lag" or slow down/obstruct our services in any way. We work hard to provide the best possible experience for everyone, and we'll punish anyone that chooses to get in the way of that.

Do not try to bypass your ban/mute

If you are banned or muted, you will be banned or muted for a reason. You are not allowed to use another account to bypass your punishment. If you would like to be unbanned/unmuted, you must open a ticket (or get someone to on your behalf) on our Discord server or send us an email with your appeal at


By playing on SkyBlade, you acknowledge the rules and agree to follow them at all times. Failing to do so will result in appropriate action. In addition, any attempt to "twist", find a "loophole" or dodge the rules is strictly prohibited and will result in a reasonable punishment.

Each punishment is done on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the offence and the intent behind it. Each member of the SkyBlade team will deal with each offence differently and may take immediate action if you're evidently ruining the experience for others.


In order to keep things in control and allow each player to understand our rules fully, our bans and mutes are permanent unless an appeal is made. To have your punishment revoked, you (or someone on your behalf) must open a ticket on our Discord server, where a member of the team will ensure you're aware of your punishment and our rules, before issuing an unban/unmute. Our rules are subject to change at any time and players will be notified on our Discord server in that event.

Should you feel that a staff member is breaking the rules, abusing their power or issuing incorrect punishments, this can and will be looked into. You must contact SkyBlade's lead on Discord (@tecryan) with any relevant evidence and information to support your suspicion.

Any actions on your account are your responsibility. Never share your login details with anyone as you'll be the one held accountable for any rules broken on your account. We do not accept reasons such as "my brother was using my account" or "I was AFK and my friend was playing whilst I was away" as a reason for an unban/unmute.

Should you have any questions regarding our rules, contact us

on Discord or drop us an email at

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