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SkyWars Update - November 2023

SkyWars has been on SkyBlade since day 1. We’ve offered Solo, Duos and Mega to give an array of different options: no teams, small teams and big teams. Although it was possible to have a 2v2v2v2 and a 6v6, you couldn’t have a 3v3v3v3 or a 4v4v4, for example. From today, that all changes...

Merging Duos and Mega

Merging our modes brings everyone together, making bigger and more fun games.

Don’t worry if you were a fan of Duos or Mega, it’s still possible to play a 2v2v2v2 (Duos) and a 6v6 (Mega) in Teams, but now you can have a 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4 - and everything in between!

In our new Teams mode, depending on the number of players that have joined, SkyBlade will make the best decision on how many teams there should be and how many should be on each team.

At least 4 players need to join SkyWars: Teams for the game to begin.

SkyWars: Teams servers can support up to 12 players.

More Customisation

SkyBlade+ members can now customise SkyWars games even more than they could before.

Not only can they control the Chest Type, but they can also pick what time of day the game should be played in. Finally, SkyWars: Dark Mode is a reality. Additionally, in SkyWars: Teams, SkyBlade+ members can also choose whether to make use of 2 or 4 islands in the game. This means, for example, you could have 12 players split between 2 islands (6v6) or 4 islands (3v3v3v3).

Lucky Block Changes

From today, SkyWars: Lucky Blocks no longer exists. *sad noises*

Instead, Lucky Blocks is now a Chest Type in both Solo and Teams. That’s right, for the first time on SkyBlade, the crazy Lucky Blocks shenanigans can be enjoyed in a team mode.

That’s not all, though. We’ve updated Lucky Blocks to include some new items and surprises. There’s a great new set of stuff to discover in Lucky Blocks - let’s just hope you get nothing but luck!

SkyWars: Tournament

To celebrate the release of this update, November’s Monthly Tournament is SkyWars! This month, you can compete in this tournament for an EXCLUSIVE “terminated” kill message Game Unlock.

The tournament will run from November 1st until November 30th!


We hope you enjoy the changes we've made to SkyWars to create crazier games, allow for different team opportunities and bring even more customisations for SkyBlade+ members.

Now, jump online and get battlin’! ⚔️


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