SkyBlade Team

Lead Administrator


TecRyan - TecRyan#1322

As well as focusing on the upkeep of the Java and Bedrock Edition servers, I'm the main director of staff management, resolving front-end and back-end Network issues, and creating new content for SkyBlade. Since 2014, I've loved playing Minecraft and have previously had my own server for my YouTube community. I'm passionate about building a place where players can have fun, all while making it safe, friendly and welcoming.



Cookie - Thanasis#7619

Hoi everyone, I’ve been a SkyBlade moderator for over a year and a part of this community for a long time. I like building stuff in Minecraft in my spare time and have an unusual habit of changing my skin all the time. Speaking about hobbies, I also enjoy playing video games, reading books (mostly action and adventure) and eating cookies of course. Most frequently, you will find me playing on our Minecraft Bedrock Edition server, so if you see a guy named CapCookie5, that’s me :3


Keplet - Keplet#8595

HELLO! People who are reading this probably know me as Keplet however, I do have an addiction to changing my name, creating Discord servers, creating YouTube channels... and maybe creating them a little too often. I’ve been around since the time SkyBlade first became a thing and it has been amazing to see its journey and it’s fantastic to see it still growing! I prefer Java Minecraft, mainly because I am better at it, especially BedWars! :D I also have an addiction to Skittles, sour ones to be exact, and also love my bed - but who doesn’t these days!


Maria - Yottabyte#5174

Hi, I'm Maria (she/her) and I've been with SkyBlade from its humble beginning in March 2020. I have watched it grow into an amazing community and have met so many great people since then. My main role when not in-game is managing the social media platforms - follow us! When I'm not losing at TNT Run, I'll be studying Biochemistry or skating. Can't wait to see you online!



Abuzz - Abuzz#4100

hellooooooooo, I am Abuzz and I am known on SkyBlade as the person who has the most coins! Yes, that's crazy ikik! That's a lot of time spent on SkyBlade and, honestly, I enjoyed every minute of it. I don't have a PC sadly, mainly cause I don't know where to start. I probably should get one but other important stuff exists like, well, uh clothes and stuff. I also enjoy spending my time in music VCs on Discord, staying up countless hours listening to music with a big noob (Keplet). I also have a very, very cute dog - the cutest dog ever! Anyways u should join SkyBlade right now!


Blowup - blowup#0299

I am a helper for SkyBlade and its Discord server. I play three games Minecraft, Genshin Impact, and Valorant - Minecraft is my favorite of course! I play Java and Bedrock Minecraft so, I can help with anything! :D I have been playing Minecraft on mobile since 2014 and have been playing SkyBlade since February 2021. I have had a great time on SkyBlade and I hope to have even more great times in the future.


HeatingHarbor48 - heating#0180

Hi, I'm HeatingHarbor48, commonly known as heating. I joined SkyBlade back in July 2020. The main reason why I love playing on SkyBlade is the people. The people are so kind and friendly, many of them whom I consider my friends. I also love the fact that SkyBlade provides many minigames that you can't find in one server. In conclusion, I didn't expect to be where I am right now, helping people, and hope I can help many people in the future.


Kube - Kube#8651

Hey, my name is Kube and I love playing Minecraft in my spare time. My hobbies include gaming, watching YouTube and I enjoy sports (unless I am losing). I've played on SkyBlade since early Summer 2020 and I've loved meeting loads of new people.