Summer 2022
(update log)

SkyBlade - 2022 Summer Update

Today is the day! After months of planning, developing, building and testing, we’re finally ready to unveil our 2022 Summer update! Phew!


Due to some major changes we’ve made to SkyBlade, including a whole new back-end server software, we’ve sadly had to make some significant compromises for all existing Bedrock players. If you’ve previously played SkyBlade on Bedrock, you’re affected by these changes, and I’d advise you to learn more about them here first.


Alright! Let’s find out what’s new, shall we?

TOGETHER, it's time we make a difference!

We’re combining both our Java and Bedrock communities into one network. That’s right, ALL our Bedrock and Java players will be TOGETHER, playing the SAME games, the SAME modes with the SAME update cycle.


We’ve taken extra care to ensure both platforms are given the best experience possible, all while making it feel familiar. Even if you have both Bedrock and Java, you’re free to play on whichever one you choose. Just, please don’t use your other account as an “alt” to benefit - or we may have to step in and ban one of your accounts (and that would be big sad).

If you were with us last summer, you may recall that we trialed our cross-platform support. Admittedly, we got it horribly wrong. We went back to the drawing board, smoothed out the cracks and bumps and enhanced the experience for both platforms.

SkyBlade crossplay

Who needs one Creeper when you've got two?

SkyBlade’s New Hub

After 2 years in our very warm and welcoming Hub, we’re waving it goodbye as we move into our new (equally as warm and welcoming) home. We wanted to capture the same look and feel that new players experienced previously, all while making it bigger and giving players more areas to explore and hang out. It’s another incredible Hub build and helps express the same calming environment that you’re familiar with.


A whole new island to explore.

Finally, a NEW Creative Experience (which only took us 2 years)

Whether it's used to pass some time, practice your bridging skills, recreate your school, or build a land made of Cookies, Creative has been a big hit! Java players have also been able to make use of custom heads in their world to enhance their builds, and Bedrock players are now getting that, too! If you don't know how to get custom heads already, you can learn how to here.


That’s not all, though. The biggest suggestion for Creative has been to support all the new blocks and items beyond 1.12.

Our new mode (referred to as "Updated Creative") gives you a separate Creative world, supporting all the new blocks and items!


Just note: you’ll always need to be connected using the latest version of Minecraft to join Updated Creative since newer blocks and items can’t be seen in older versions.


Bet you wish you could build as good as me.


Since the dawn of SkyBlade, people have wanted parkour. We attempted to add it with a parkour-racing game called "Dash", but it ended up being very repetitive and exhausting after a while. Truth is, it should be YOU that picks and builds the courses.


Oh man, feast your eyes on this:


Course Manager:

All players are able to create 3 courses each (with SkyBlade+ members allowed to create 5). The Course Manager is where you can create a new course, edit an existing one, publish or unpublish a course, rename a course, view record holders of your current courses, and view your own course’s leaderboard!


Look at all those fancy options!

Play Courses:

Don’t fancy building a course? Don’t worry! There’s a whole dedicated menu for you to find a course to play, whether that’s one of your favourites, one that takes your fancy, or a completely random one! Over time, a collection of courses will start to build and you may end up with an endless supply of courses to play.


All courses, including your favourites, are all in one place.

Parkour Hub - waaait, whaaa-?

Upon joining Parkour, you’ll be welcomed with a new Hub that'll help you get where you need to be (or for you to explore).


One Hub isn't enough, so, here, have another!

Tell me moreee about parkoourr:

All the extra ins and outs of this new mode are outlined in a helpful guide that you can find in the in-game Parkour menu.

I would type it all up here, but this is already long enough as it is…


We’ve updated SkyWars Solo, Duos and MEGA with a new selection of kits! Whether you prefer to be a paramedic, Witch, or a member of the Creeper army, we’ve got you covered!


The Creeper kit is my personal favourite.

Lucky Blocks:

This mode has been a big hit for our Java players, and it’s now even better! Not only do Bedrock players have the ability to join in, but we’ve also updated the chances of getting certain items, and even added some new "lucky" and "unlucky" surprises.


That's a cute zombie... UwU

Goodbye CoreWars, Hello BedWars!

You’ll know that CoreWars was our take on BedWars.

Though, it’s 2022 and it's still using the same (and only) map that it launched with.


BedWars is officially taking over as our "Defend the Thing" game. To keep Bedrock players up to speed: BedWars on SkyBlade is packed with different shop items, an upgrades NPC, new maps and the ability to actually build in the middle and (most) of your island.


Oh, and BedWars Duos and MEGA are here!! It totally didn’t take us a whole year or anything, but they’re here now! :D


CoreWars is now in the bin… R.I.P, I guess.

Colour Shuffle

Over the months, we’ve made many changes to Colour Shuffle - ultimately to try new things out.

To give Colour Shuffle that final polish, we’ve finally given it some awesome-looking maps.


Fun fact: the floor is actually white until the first player joins.

New Power-up!

We’ve also added a new power-up. Once collected, you can punch a player within 8 seconds, scaring your opponents right off!


Get away from anyone that's picked this up... they'll smell fishy.

Sad note: for performance reasons (mostly on older devices), we have disabled Colour Shuffle for Bedrock clients.

Agoo’s Daily Challenges

Bedrock players, you’re finally able to meet Agoo! He’ll be your Hub BFF and provide you with a random set of quests to do every single day of the week. Once you’ve completed one, give him a punch and claim your reward for completing.


Java Players: you’ll notice that Agoo now has a new set of challenges that have been added to his challenge collection and it’ll only be a matter of time before a new one is given to you.


*Hrrrr... Hmmm... Arrrr..*


The existing achievements that Java players would’ve seen previously have been scrapped completely (*sad noises*).


We went back to the drawing board, reinvented Achievements and actually made them worth completing, rather than going “oh, lole, I just unlocked an achievement.” Achievements are now more global, rather than tied to specific games, so they can be obtained from more places.


Unlocking an achievement will grant a reward. The question now is, do you have what it takes to unlock them all?


Gotta catch 'em all!

Introducing… our new Vote Rewards!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: voting for SkyBlade is one of the best things you can do to support us and help us grow.


We’ve previously rewarded players with the Voter rank, along with a stack of XP and coins. We’re now taking it one step further and introducing… Vote Points! Every time you vote, you’ll be able to claim points that you can spend in the, you guessed it, Vote Shop!


We have 3 sites you can vote on: this one, this one and this one.

The more sites you vote on, the more points you can get!


First vote of the day = 5 Points

Second vote of the day = 10 Points

Third vote of the day = 15 points


That means every day you can collect a maximum of 30 Vote Points a day for voting on all three sites!


What can I spend my points on?

Great question! We have a unique set of Custom Hub Heads that can ONLY be obtained via the Vote Shop.

If you’d rather not splash out on Hub Heads, you can use your points to top up your Crates or Boosters.


Get votin' or bad.

Improved Chat

Using the chat is the best (and sometimes only) way to communicate with other members of the community, which is why it’s so important that we take extra care to ensure that it’s free of spam, advertising, personal information and just plain, unwanted messages.


The entire SkyBlade team does a great job of warning, and even muting, those that decide to abuse our chat rules. With that being said, those that have the power to take action against rule-breakers, cannot be online and monitoring things 24/7.


In the background, SkyBlade has its own set of advanced, automated systems - and they get even better in this update!


For obvious reasons (mostly to prevent any potential bypasses), I won’t outline the details of our automated systems and what they check for - just take my word for it that they’re better! Just note, though, that no filter is 100% accurate and effective. Things may slip through the gaps and we urge that you report anyone breaking our server's rules.

SkyBlade’s IP - let’s sort it.

Over the last few years, we’ve had a handful of IPs for you to connect with. This was mostly due to us having 2 separate servers, and we couldn’t have one IP that’s linked to both. As mentioned above, Java and Bedrock are now connected - and so are our IPs!


You can continue to use the same IP you’re currently using, but you can now also use any of the following to connect to SkyBlade:





Timings. They’re important, right?

SkyBlade will now operate under the GMT timezone, regardless of whether the UK (where the server is based) is an hour ahead (BST). This is mostly so we don’t have to reconfigure everything TIME and TIME again when the UK clocks change.


We also want to inform you that Daily Reward and Vote Rewards will now reset at 5am GMT instead of midnight.

Bedrock Players: you’re no longer missing out!

I’m VERY happy to announce that our Bedrock people will join Java players in having access to SkyBlade’s latest games: Drop, ZAP, 1v1 Duels, TurfWars, BedWars and SkyWars: Lucky Blocks!


Bedrock players, you’re also getting all these to finally bring SkyBlade up to the high standard it should be:


- SkyBlade+ and Partner Ranks

- SkyBlade’s custom 1.9 PvP mechanics

- Faster chunk loading (less or no chunk residue)

- Improved bow mechanics (no more arrows shooting downwards)

- Compatibility with previous versions of Minecraft (from 1.19)

- Hugely improved block placing and breaking mechanics (like mining wool with a sword)

- Fixed block connections (like with cobblestone walls)

- Improved overall performance (now heavily optimised)

- Chest refills in SkyWars and better items as you approach the middle

- You’re granted the kill and rewarded for void kills

- Completely random team generation

- Map cycle (preventing the same map game after game)

- Support for entity AI

- Fixed teleporting in or to games and facing the wrong direction

- Mute time and reasons are now displayed in chat

- Ban time and reasons are now displayed on connect

- Overhauled User Interface, with the addition of Resource Packs

- Realtime game statistics (/statistics in any game)

- Game Overviews on death/game end

- Parity with our existing Java features (powerup selector, chest selector, etc)

- Background updates (less global restarts)

- So much more AHHHH there’s so much

Wait, what!? YOU’RE NOT DONE!

You thought this was everything? Please, what is wrong with you.


More new features, maps, games, events and tournaments are STILL yet to come this Summer!

For now, though, get yourself onto SkyBlade and explore everything released today.

We’ll continue to release new content throughout the Summer, so keep your eyes peeled.


Holy moly.

I think it’s safe to say that this is an update and a half. I hope you can agree.

So (and I mean SO) much time has gone into putting this update together and I’ve personally enjoyed working on every part of it.


Compared to other servers you may play on, we have nowhere near the resources or team size - so creating this update has been a huge task. I’d like to thank you all for your continued support and patience while this update has been in the works.


If you would like to help keep SkyBlade going and allow us to bring updates to you at a faster rate, please consider heading over to our store and purchasing a rank (even if it’s for a friend) or sending us a donation. We’re putting everything into this to make it the best we can, and all your support is greatly appreciated! <3


I will go to sleep now. Maybe.


SkyBlade Lead