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Party Games Update - October 2023

Party Games was first released onto SkyBlade to celebrate our Third Birthday!

Today, it gets a well-needed refresh, with changes we know everyone will appreciate.

Before we begin, it's worth mentioning that we've removed BoatBattle and ZAP from the Party Games lineup due to their playability on mobile devices. It's possible they may return in the future.

More Players Per Game

We originally intended Party Games to be a game played by small groups (like a mini party) but we soon realised that a cap of 8 players was too small and prevented larger groups from playing. From today, Party Games now supports up to 12 players per round! Don’t worry, though, we’ve adapted all the microgames to ensure they continue to operate the same, even when there are all 12 players.

Points for Everyone

In some games, points were only awarded to those that got in the top 5. Now, all players can obtain points across all games. Even if one game isn’t your strongest, you’ll at least get some points to help you get back on track. (Finally, Clash will no longer be the game that lets me down.)

Rewritten to 1.19

In the Summer, most of SkyBlade’s games were rewritten to our new 1.19 infrastructure. Party Games is the latest game to receive this upgrade, allowing us to make use of new blocks and items within each microgame. This upgrade also means that running Party Games matches will be accessible via the Specate Menu in the Hub’s Game Selector.

Bedrock Fixes

Along with our rewrite, we’ve fixed some key issues that affected players on Bedrock.

Here’s a list of them:

- Improved projectile visuals (arrows)

- Fixed Quick Crafting (Golem Race)

- Fixed scores (not getting the correct points)

- Fixed flight not activating properly

- Fixed incorrect sounds playing

New Microgames

We’ve packed 8 new games into Party Games (one might be a blast from the past)! Mixed with our already-great collection of microgames, there are now 18 total Party Games that you can play.

Let’s go through the new ones, shall we?


All aboard! Well, it’s a different kind of ship, actually. You’re battling to be the last person standing. Throwing TNT onto the ship will explode its blocks, and you’re hoping not to land in the sea. Be careful, though, there might be a few surprises along the way.


If you remember this game, you’re a true SkyBlade OG. This is a parkour game, where it’s a race to the end. OGs will recall that there were 4 Dash maps back in the day. In this microgame, you’ll be racing through all 4 of them. The faster you reach the end, the more points you get.


Well, this probably won’t be the kind of farm you’re expecting. In this game, your mission is to punch (or lightly tap, your choice) animals to accumulate points. While most animals will give you points, some may actually be super evil and take them away from you! Just be sure to have a quick look before you punch, just in case. The more points you gather, the more points you’ll get overall.


Here’s an interesting one. You’ll be trapped underwater, where the only way to stay alive is to place blocks. Do be careful, though, those blocks won’t disappear and you’ll very quickly run out of space to place more - so keep moving. Your oxygen level will display on screen, just don’t let it get to 0! The longer you stay alive, the more points you'll receive overall.


Weeee! In this game, you’ll be dropped from the sky and you'll be hoping to land in a giant circle. The circle has different colours which correspond to different amounts of points. The more points you manage to collect from each drop, the more points you'll get overall!


In this game, you’ll receive some snowballs. Your task is to throw those snowballs onto the walls and floor to paint the arena your assigned colour. With everyone else doing the same thing, you must ensure that your colour dominates the arena. The more you paint, the more points you’ll get.


RUN! No really, RUN! If you’re tagged or assigned with the bomb, you'll want to tag someone else before it detonates you. It’s like a classic game of tag, but this time your life is at stake. The longer you stay in the game, the more points you’ll receive.


UTRT is all about going down. TTT is all about going up! However, to reach the gold platform at the top, you’ll need to gather some blocks - and a lot of them. Pile yourself up, dodging all the obstacles along the way. The faster you get to the gold platform, the more points you get.


There we have it! The second version of Party Games is now ready for you to play, whether it’s with a small group of 3 or a bigger group of up to 12. We hope you enjoy this update!

Now, jump online and get partyin’! 🥳


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