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Ending our Bedrock Support

We have come to the very difficult decision to end support for SkyBlade on Bedrock.

Here's a TL;DR As newer Minecraft versions have been released and as SkyBlade's content has expanded, we have noticed a constant decline in performance and quality on Bedrock over the last 12 months, to a point where it no longer meets our standards. After careful consideration and months of analysis, we're making the difficult decision to cease our support for Bedrock on June 30th 2024. After this date, you will no longer be able to join SkyBlade on Bedrock; however, you will still be able to join on Java Edition. SkyBlade will continue to be updated and operate as normal.

Quick Recap - Important For Those Who Aren't Aware

In 2022, SkyBlade merged its Java and Bedrock servers to alleviate the pressure of maintaining two separate Minecraft networks simultaneously. Our original Bedrock-only server was built on server software that never got support for newer (1.13+) blocks/items and didn't feature a Mob AI. Instead of rebuilding SkyBlade: Bedrock from the ground up, we decided to merge our two servers together. As well as allowing both platforms to play together, this also meant we were able to produce new updates faster, delivering more content to our players. Its initial release was smooth and we rarely came across any issues supporting Bedrock players on our cross-play network.

Fast Forward 18 Months...

We started to notice some changes, with some more significant than others. In the beginning, we admittedly shrugged them off as one-off "hiccups", hoping that they would be rare occurrences or that they would be gradually ironed out with newer Minecraft hotfixes. It was only when we noticed them happening more regularly did we start to get concerned.

Making Changes

We continuously monitored the situation and made changes to SkyBlade where we could, to help reduce the issues that Bedrock players were facing.

One of the best examples we can give without making this too complicated and confusing is the issue surrounding Player Deaths. Sometimes when a player is killed, they're presented with the "You Died" screen, with no ability to press "Respawn", only the option to Quit the server entirely and reconnect. We switched from using the game rule doImmediateRespawn to a method that respawns a player when they reach a certain amount of health - both of which have been proven to cause the same issue. Understandably, if you get killed once in BedWars with your Bed still intact (for example) it's not great to then have to leave the game because Minecraft refuses to allow you to respawn.

To Conclude

Our best interest is to provide everyone with a fun and playable experience, regardless of the platform. At this time, we regrettably say that our Bedrock Edition support does not meet our high standards. As a result, we have made the very difficult decision to cease support for Bedrock on SkyBlade. We want everyone to be assured that we explored every possible solution within our capacity before even coming to this decision. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us on Bedrock as we have a great and loyal Bedrock player base and we're gutted that it has had to come to this. Support for SkyBlade on Bedrock will come to an end on June 30th 2024.


Can Bedrock Support return?

We hope so! We want to allow as many people as possible to discover and play on SkyBlade, no matter the platform. We also, however, want to ensure that Bedrock players are getting a proper and enjoyable experience when playing our games. When we're happy that cross-platform support has developed enough for a mini-game scene, we will be happy to reconsider our decision.

What will happen to my Bedrock account data?

We are going to securely lock it away in the event that, A, you wish to have it transferred to your Java account or, B, we decide to reverse this decision. You may request to have your Player Data and Statistics deleted at any time by opening a ticket or by sending us an email (

We understand that many Bedrock players have spent a lot of time progressing in their Creative world and/or SkyBlock Island, which is why we're going to honour a copy of your world/island that you can use in Single Player at no cost to you. Please contact us so we can organise this.

I'm a VIP or SkyBlade+ member - what happens to my rank?

As a lifetime rank, it will forever be connected to you - for as long as SkyBlade is around.

However, we're giving you the option to have it transferred to your Java account (if you have/get one) or you may request for your rank to be given to someone else. Please note: if you do decide to transfer your rank to another player, it will be up to them if they decide to give it back to you. To have your rank transferred to another account (yours or someone else's), please open a Discord ticket or send us an email ( and we'll proceed from there.

What happens now?

SkyBlade will continue to be updated and operate as normal after June 30th 2024. From that date onwards, you will only be able to connect to SkyBlade on the Java Edition of Minecraft. There will be no IP or Port change, so you'll still be able to access SkyBlade on Java via the normal address.


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