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Custom Head Tutorial


Step 1: Visit the Minecraft Heads website

To find all the possible heads, you'll need to visit the Minecraft Heads website, which you can do so here.

Once on the homepage, you'll find all the options needed to find custom heads in the header.

You can either search for a specific head or browse the many thousands of heads under different categories.


Step 2: Get the Head URL

Once you've found the head you want, you'll be taken to a page full of commands for different versions of Minecraft.

You'll need to scroll right to the bottom of the page and look for the "Other" section.

When found, copy the "Minecraft-URL" of the head.

Step 3: Run the Head command

Next, you'll need to jump into Minecraft (SkyBlade Creative) and run the following command:


/head <Minecraft-URL>

Make sure you replace <Minecraft-URL> with the URL you copied from the website.

To paste the URL, press CTRL+V.

If you're having trouble or need extra help, contact us on Discord or drop us an email at

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