Bedrock FAQ (Summer 2022)

Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions you may have might be answered here.

Is SkyBlade no longer a Bedrock server?

We've announced the closure of SkyBlade: Bedrock, the independent server not connected to our new infrastructure. Bedrock players will now be redirected to our NEW infrastructure (packed with many new updates) upon joining. SkyBlade is still playable on Bedrock, but Bedrock players will now play alongside Java players.

What’s happened to my previous Player Data and Statistics?

SkyBlade now runs on new backend server software. Whilst it might look like a normal Minecraft server when playing, there are so many new changes behind the scenes that would make things like linking old Player Data a tricky task.


For instance, all Bedrock players will notice they have a new SkyBlade ID. SkyBlade IDs are how we’re able to locate things like your Player Data in our database. With a new SkyBlade ID being generated, we would have to match all the old IDs with the new ones, just so you can see your previous data.


With over 20,000 registered players, and no viable solution to automatically match old IDs with new ones, this has to be done manually. Being a hugely time-consuming and tedious task (even when a good number of players don’t play anymore), it’s not something we’re in a position to do.


Hang on then, why not just give Bedrock players their old ID? SkyBlade Bedrock did not generate an ID for a player, our previous server software did. The same ID generation and identification do not exist in our new server software, thus we’re having to use our new system to generate the ID. Admittedly, if SkyBlade had embedded its own ID generation and identification system at the start, we wouldn’t be in this position - but we didn’t think that far ahead.


Furthermore, we have added so many new Data Types and Statistics in our 2022 Summer update, which have never existed on SkyBlade Bedrock. Can you imagine it saying you’ve played 120 games, but have a total playtime of 3 minutes?


Ultimately, we thought it would be the best move to give everyone a fresh start. We are, however, giving all Bedrock players a little boost to start with, and you can get that by running /claimbedrock in-game.

Has anything happened to my SkyBlock island?

No. All SkyBlock islands were using our new world and ID format. If your island is missing, it's likely because you were inactive and your island has been deactivated. Reach out to us on Discord and we can help get it back up and running.

I previously had difficulty connecting to my SkyBlock Island - have you fixed this?

It has taken us some time, but we believe we have found the root cause for the "timeout" and "unable to connect to world" errors when connecting to SkyBlock. Because the solution slightly changes the way you connect, and the issue doesn't affect all players, we're making the fix togglable.

If you're still having trouble connecting to SkyBlock or Creative, please try the following:

In the Hub, interact with "Profile and Preferences" -> Select "Preferences" -> Select "Delay Connections" -> Select "Toggle on"


Creative Worlds - what’s happened to them?

SkyBlade Bedrock was running on a world format that eventually stopped supporting newer blocks. Because moving to a new world format at the time was a huge and lengthy task, we made the decision to remain on the same format, which is why we were unable to support the new blocks in each update.


In our 2022 Summer update, we finally moved to the newer world format. However, converting thousands of existing Creative worlds from the old format to the new one is, sadly, a task that would exhaust us. There have been many block ID changes, updates to world height and not to mention the contents of signs, chests and shulkers to consider in this process. Remember: we’re a small team with little resources, so we’ve regrettably needed to make the compromise of generating a new world for Bedrock players.


We’re really sorry about this. Our 2022 Summer update contains a lot of new things you can do with Creative and we really hope you can create some great new things with our new features.

There’s a feature or game that’s missing from the old version of SkyBlade - what’s happened to it?

We’ve done our best to move everything over to the new Network, however we’re not quite there yet. A certain feature or game may also be missing as we’ve made the decision to discontinue it due to it now being impossible to implement properly on a cross-play network.